My Advice For A Simple Skin Care Routine

//My Advice For A Simple Skin Care Routine

Setting Up A Skin Care Routine

Many people ask me about the correct order of applying skin care products. With all the products available on the market it can be rather confusing. Removing makeup every night is essential to keeping the skin clear and smooth. It is also just as important to cleanse the skin in the morning, since the skin excretes oils and toxins. Using a mild cleanser in the morning will ensure a clean palette to apply moisturizer, sun screen and makeup. Here is my recommendation for applying skin care products in the correct order,

  • Cleanse the face in the evening twice to remove all makeup, sunscreen and impurities. Dermalogica also has a “PreCleanse” product that can be used for the first cleanse. Always remove the cleanser with sponges or a wash cloth. If wearing eye makeup use a gentle eye makeup remover as your very first step.
  • Use a hydrating toner spray to the skin so that you will add additional moisture to your face.
  • Use your boosters, retinol products and acne preparations next. This will keep the products with the most “active” ingredients closer to your skin.
  • Apply your moisturizer and eye cream in the evening. During the day apply your moisturizer with sunscreen and additional eye cream. If your moisturizer doesn’t have sunscreen apply your sunscreen last.
  • If you wear foundation a primer can used before application. Dermalogica just launched the “Skin Perfect Primer with spf 30” and can be used under makeup or by itself.

Taking a few minutes each morning and evening will ensure that as the years go by your skin will look healthy and rejuvenated. I always recommend getting professional advice from a licensed Esthetician to be sure you are using the correct products for your skin.

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