Benefits of Essential Oils

Benefits of Essential Oils For Skin

This article published by The International Dermal Institute is one of my favorites regarding the benefits of essential oils. I use essential oils in my practice daily, and feel that it is an important element in giving a facial. Living in Los Angeles has its advantages compared to other parts of the country, but traffic and getting to an appointment on time can be somewhat challenging. Many of my clients arrive harried and stressed. One of the first things I do during the facial is apply a lavender based essential oil while steaming to relax the mind and body. I find that with the application of this essential oil the client is more receptive to relaxing and receiving all the benefits of the facial. We live such busy lives that at times it is difficult to stop, calm the mind, and quiet the body. During the facial I will also use different essential oils applied prior to the massage. If the skin is congested I will use oil with Ylang Ylang, sensitive skin oil with Lavender or stressed skin oil with Neroli. It is amazing to see the difference in a person’s energy once the oils have been applied. I have many a client fall asleep during the treatment. The oils also aid in helping to repair the skin’s texture.

Various types of essential oils were used in China and India as well as ancient Egypt. Jasmine was used as an overall healing of the body. Rose was considered an antidepressant and Chamomile was given to treat colds, headaches and dizziness. In Chinese medicine today essential oils are commonly prescribed and used. In some parts of the world doctors prescribe them to be ingested, although they can be toxic if not prescribed properly. Essential Oils are commonly blended in carrier oils such as Walnut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil and Sunflower Oil.

Using essential oils at home is a wonderful thing to do and can be applied in various ways. Adding 6-8 drops for an adult will help with stress and insomnia. Inhalation by using diffusers, aroma lamps and jewelry is another way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils when you are not in the salon. It is important to realize that less is more in the use of these oils. They are very potent and meant to be used sparingly.

Getting back to nature and what nature has to offer is very important in the busy hectic lives we lead. Taking time for a healing facial and adding these oils to our lives can only add to our sense of well being.

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