The Skin and Menopause

How To Combat What Menopause Does To Your Skin Menopause is a time when a woman’s ovaries stop working. Estrogen, which is responsible for over 300 bodily functions declines and various physical changes are apparent. A loss of Collagen and Elastin occurs which can make the skin appear less taut, and wrinkles start to form. There is a lack of melanocyte cells which protect the skin from the sun and leads to uneven pigmentation. Dehydration can occur due to the slow cell turnover and decreased oil production. When choosing a skin care line it is advantages to have ingredients like green and white tea (potent anti-oxidants). Also advantages are Lactic Acid, Glyolic Acid and Peptides. Many of these ingredients help to rebuild the collagen and elastin as well as restore a quicker cell renewal.

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Aging Gracefully. Choosing The Right Skin Care Products & Regiment.

Aging In A Healthy Manner There is one thing for certain, aging. Aging in a healthy manner is something we can aspire to do. The skin ages in two ways. One is through the natural process of chronological or intrinsic aging. The other is through exposure to daylight called photo-aging. Chronological aging is determined by genetics and choice of lifestyle. Photo-aging is preventable and caused by exposure to sunlight.  There are many obvious changes seen as the skin ages. They include wrinkles, hyper and hypo-pigmentation, broken capillaries, dehydration, thinning of the skin and a breakdown of collagen and elastin. Modern science is diligently working to address both the chronological and photo-aging of the skin. With the development of peptides, retinols, vitamins and green and white teas, the aging process can be slowed down and repaired in many instances. These newer ingredients, amongst others, have created a “buzz” in the skin care industry. Combine these ingredients with an effective broad spectrum sun block of spf 15 or higher, and a huge difference can be seen and felt in the texture of the skin. Speaking with a licensed esthetician is your best bet in choosing the right skin care products. Aging gracefully, is a goal to work toward in your daily skin care regimen.