Dairy Can Be Bad For Acne

Research Indicates Dairy Bad For Acne Here is an article by Dr. Jessica Wu that I agree with 100%. I have found in my practice when my clients change their diets, and avoid dairy their skin clears up dramatically. I also suggest cutting back on salt. That includes soft drinks, chips and soy sauce. These foods and drinks also seem to create more breakouts. So look for low salt alternatives to the foods you like if you are dealing with an acne problem. Feed Your Face: The Dangers of Dairy If You Have Acne by Dr. Jessica Wu If you suffer from pimples — whether you have teenage acne or adult hormonal breakouts — I suggest you avoid dairy products. The reason? Dairy stimulates the body to produce a variety of hormones, including insulin and insulin-like growth factor, that can aggravate acne. While the research on this has been around since the 1990s, doctors for the most part are just now paying attention to it. I hope that dermatologists will eventually put this knowledge into practice to help people cut back on antibiotics and other pills. In fact, many of my patients, including those with cystic acne, have even been able to avoid taking isotretinoin (previously available as Accutane) by cutting out dairy. In the meantime, here’s what to avoid if you're prone to breakouts: Whole milk and full-fat dairy products, including cheese, yogurt, cream cheese, cottage cheese, and ice cream. The worst offenders: sweetened lattes, cappuccinos, and other coffee drinks, since they contain dairy and sugar, both of which aggravate acne. Instead, try unsweetened soy milk or almond milk in your coffee or cereal. If you can’t make that kind of commitment, then at [...]

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Sun Exposure – The Real Story

Have We Become Sun Phobic? Every year, the media blasts the dangers of sunbathing and over exposure to the sun. Is it any wonder that some of us have become sun phobic? As with any other part of our lives, creating the right balance is the key. Scientists have found that people with low levels of Vitamin D intake or who avoid sunlight are biologically five years older than those with higher levels of the vitamin. Around 90% of the body’s absorption of vitamin D comes from exposure to sunlight, the remainder from foods such as fish, eggs and breakfast cereals. It only takes a short time, approximately 10 minutes without protection, in the sun to provide the body with sufficient vitamin D. I would suggest to get that 10 minutes of sun on the body as opposed to your face and to always use protection on the face. What is the right balance? How do you control the effects of the sun to ensure that you don’t overdo your exposure? The answer is to take care to prevent sun damaged skin by using sunscreen daily with an SPF of 15 or higher. A diet of foods rich in vitamin D or supplements will also help in keeping the tell tale signs of aging at bay. Speak with Joyce Marie, your professional licensed skin therapist about SPF moisturizers that can be worn comfortably under make-up, or alone to deliver defense against skin aging UV light. Better yet, ask Joyce Marie about our Daylight Defense Product Line, specifically designed to protect your skin against harmful UV light while moisturizing and keeping your skin young.

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Check Out the Latest Gift Items

Looking for that perfect "thought gift" ? At Joyce Marie' s Salon there are many items available for the Holidays that will fit into your budget. GWP's from Dermalogica, Kneipp Bath Products, Tea Forte Herbal Teas for relaxation and even trendy Shower Caps by Dry Divas. Also available for that special someone is the Clarisonic Professional Face Brush and Opal Eye Treatment. Both come as gifts with purchase. Make Joyce Marie's Salon your Holiday Gift spot where your gifts are personalized and in a gift bag too! Call (310) 275-6694 for Holiday gift ideas and purchases!

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