Healthy Skin in Your 40s & 50s

When you approach your forties and fifties, your skin is likely to experience more noticeable changes in firmness, texture, and tone. Updating your daily regimen is key to helping your skin adjust.

Healthy Skin in 40s

Your forties is a time to repair, firm, and treat. Cell turnover slows to roughly 40 days, and skin starts to experience hormonal issues that trigger dryness, sensitivity, and even conditions such as eczema or rosacea. Collagen and elastin production begin to slow, leading to a loss of firmness and more prominent wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and forehead.

Treatment Recommendation, 40s

At minimum, try to have a skincare regimen that consists of a cleanser, exfoliant, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Focus on boosting collagen, and exfoliate consistently to resurface uneven texture and brighten the visible effects of past UV damage. Include treatments and serums for face and eyes for best results, and ingredients such as Vitamin C, Peptides and Retinol are key.

I recommend you follow this skincare regimen:


Wash with Skin Resurfacing Cleanser each morning for a more even tone and texture. In the evening, switch to UltraCalming Cleanser to hydrate and calm skin.

If you typically experience sensitization (burning, stinging, itching, redness, etc.), use UltraCalming Cleanser both am and pm instead. What if your skin is oily? Go with Special Cleansing Gel.


Exfoliate with Daily Microfoliant once daily (or 3-5 times a week for those with more sensitive skin) to brighten discoloration and renew the outer cell layer. If skin is more resilient, include Daily Resufacer, a leave-on treatment that goes under moisturizer at night to help clear congestion and even out tone.

Keep in mind that skin should never burn or itch from exfoliation, so there is no single correct way to exfoliate. Listen to how your skin feels on a daily basis and choose your frequency and product(s) from there.


Toners help add vital nutrients and hydration to skin, and they help your other products to absorb more evenly. Quench and calm sensitized skin with UltraCalming Mist, or spritz Antioxidant Hydramist to boost skin with Vitamins and botanicals.

Tip: once you’ve applied toner, immediately layer your remaining products while your skin is still wet – don’t let the toner dry. Also, each of these toners can be sprayed throughout the day over makeup to freshen skin.


Repair discoloration and minimize fine lines with MultiVitamin Power Serum, a lightweight, velvety treatment packed with peptide technology and Vitamins A, C and E to stimulate collagen and elastin for improved firmness.

At night apply Overnight Repair Serum, a lightweight treatment oil ideal for dry or dehydrated skin. Key ingredients such as peptides, Argan Oil and Rose Oil help reduce the appearance of fine lines while stimulating collagen production, leaving skin more luminous, firm, and hydrated.


To help address wrinkles and dehydration, apply a medium-heavy weight moisturizer such as:

  • Skin Smoothing Cream: ideal for normal to dry or dehydrated skin,
  • Intensive Moisture Balance: best for drier skin types, or
  • Power Rich: Dermalogica’s most advanced anti-aging treatment, appropriate for all skin conditions.

For daytime, Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 is the ideal age-fighting SPF moisturizer. If your skin is particularly reactive however, try Super Sensitive Shield SPF30 alone, or layer it over your preferred moisturizer for added hydration.


Treat the delicate eye area with a vitamin-filled formula such as MultiVitamin Power Firm. The treatment contains Retinol, Seaweed Extract, silicones and Vitamins C and E to firm the appearance of fine lines and protect from UV assault. Smooth and velvety in texture, the product also acts as a makeup primer under concealer or foundation.

Healthy Skin in 50s

When you approach your 50s and above, your skin will likely be drier with more visible wrinkles, pores and age spots. Skin may appear thinner and less firm, and menopause will cause skin to become more dry and sensitive. Some sagging over the eyelids, neck and jawline may occur, and broken capillaries and veins may be more prominent. Focus on strengthening, energizing and replenishing skin.

Also note that some signs of precancerous lesions may begin to appear, so have your dermatologist give your body a full skin scan 1-2 times per year.

Treatment Recommendations, 50s

Focus on replenishing lipids, smoothing wrinkles, and improving overall clarity while keeping protected from future assaults. Treat skin with a cleanser, exfoliant, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen at the least, and add serums and treatments for face and eyes to further boost your routine.

I recommend the following daily regimen:


Each morning, wash with Skin Resurfacing Cleanser to help balance tone and texture. At night, if your skin is prone to dryness, try a cream cleanser such as Essential Cleansing Solution or UltraCalming Cleanser. For more oily skin, use Special Cleansing Gel.

If your skin feels sensitive, use UltraCalming Cleanser instead both am and pm.


MultiVitamin Thermafoliant, a powerful scrub that heats upon contact, infuses skin with beneficial nutrients as it sloughs away surface debris. Alternate with Gentle Cream Exfoliant, a potent exfoliating masque that purifies congestion in the follicles.

If your skin is sensitized, Daily Microfoliant 3-5 times weekly instead will be best.


Shield skin from the signs of aging with Antioxidant Hydramist, the ideal toner for those age 50 and above. If your skin needs calming and soothing instead, use UltraCalming Mist throughout the day.

Toners hydrate, add nutrients, and they help your other products to absorb more evenly. Once your toner has been sprayed, immediately apply the next product in your regimen while your skin is still wet – don’t let the toner dry.


Overnight Retinol Repair speeds cell renewal to fight skin aging while you sleep. Key ingredients include:

  • Microencapsulated Retinol, peptides, and Vitamin C, which help increase collagen production, even discoloration, and smooth texture.
  • Copper amino acid complex that firms skin and wrinkles.
  • A special moisturizing buffer that helps skin adjust to the product’s potent dose of Retinol.

Another top recommendation of mine is MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque, a staple in the Dermalogica Age Smart line that revitalizes stressed, aging skin. Nutrient-rich vitamins and extracts work to hydrate, firm and protect. Sensitivity is decreased, and skin is soothed and softened.


Super Rich Repair, a heavy-weight moisturizer, hydrates even the driest of skin as it addresses the common signs of aging. If you’re not in need of a thicker moisturizer, try medium-weight Power Rich to infuse skin with Dermalogica’s most advanced anti-aging ingredients.

During the day, moisturize skin while protecting from UV exposure with Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50. If your skin tends to feel sensitive, use Super Sensitive Shield SPF30 instead alone or over your preferred moisturizer.


Age Reversal Eye Complex is formulated with Retinol, peptides, and Vitamin C to address the most common signs of aging: crow’s feet/wrinkles/lines, puffiness, bags, dehydration, hyperpigmentation and dark circles. Apply every other night for 1-2 weeks until skin adjusts to the Retinol, after which the product can be applied nightly.

If the skin around your eyes feels too delicate for a Retinol-based treatment, try UltraSmoothing Eye Serum, a cooling gel that treats both sensitization and aging together.

Professional Treatments

Getting a facial every 4 to 6 weeks will help keep healthy skin in your 40s and 50s. Schedule an appointment that is customized to your unique needs, or visit me for a complimentary Face Mapping Skin Analysis and product prescription.


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