Holiday Skin Care Tips for Your Skin Type

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Not the Usual Holiday Skin Care Tips

The Holidays are upon us and we all seem to have several events and errands to add to our already busy lives. There are the typical holiday skin care tips for all skin types that we read about. That would be getting enough sleep, taking our makeup off after a late night party and drinking enough water to compensate for those Holiday party beverages. But we all don’t have the same skin type so how we weather the fun and stress of this special time of year is different for each type of skin.

Dry Skin

How do we handle dry skin and the lack of humidity caused by heaters and cold weather? My first advice would be to invest in a humidifier for your bedroom. Not only is this great for your skin but it will also keep your throat from getting sore. Moisture is lost as we sleep so a humidifier will create a healthy environment for your skin. Continue to use an exfoliant a least once or twice a week. Not doing so will only keep your dead skin cells glued to the surface of your skin, so your serums and moisturizers won’t penetrate properly. Applying a rich gel or cream masque once a week will soften fine lines and wrinkles. Lastly, use a heavier night cream than your daily moisturizer with spf. When you wake in the morning your skin will be soft and supple.

Oily Skin

Oily skin can improve during the cold winter months. I see a lot less breakouts and acne being more controlled when the weather isn’t so warm. Sweating on hot days combined with excess oil secretion only contributes to acne breakouts and blackheads. I suggest continuing with your oily skin routine of gel cleansers, exfoliation at least every other day and oil free moisturizers (always with and spf during the day) If the skin becomes surface dry because the weather is dry and cold you can add a hydrating gel masque once or twice a week and remember to spritz a alcohol free toner on your skin before applying your moisturizers. This will seal moisture into your skin twice a day.

Combination Skin

With people who have combination skin I suggest they have more than one cleanser in their bathrooms. When the skin feels dehydrated use a creamy emollient cleanser and when the skin feels oily stick with your gels and clay based cleansers. As with the oily and dry skin, exfoliation is a must. I suggest using a mild exfoliant two to three times a week as well as using a masque at least once a week. Similar to having two cleansers I would suggest having both a clay based masque and a hydrating masque. I commonly suggest using both at the same time addressing the part of the face that feels dry or oily.

We all will survive the Holidays, but if we can be sure to take a little time to keep up a healthy holiday skin care routine we can enter the new year with a glow !


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