How To Care For Sunburn

///How To Care For Sunburn

Sunburn Treatment

As we are still in the summer months a sunburn can happen even with the best of intentions. Yes, wearing a sunblock with at least an spf30 will help prevent a sunburn, but it has to be applied frequently and after coming out of the water. Here are a few tips on how to care for sunburn if you have spent too much time in the sun.

  • If you feel your skin starting to burn try to cover up with light clothing or even put a beach towel to protect the skin from further damage. Remember that you skin is really being burned so you should do your best to protect it.
  • When showering try to keep the water very cool to bring down the temperature of the skin. Afterwards applying a solution that is gel based versus cream will help the skin heal faster. Dermalogica has a wonderful product called “After Sun” which is gel based and has Aloe, Cucumber, and Rose Flower in it, among other cooling and soothing ingredients.
  • Things that you have in your kitchen and refrigerator can also aid in reducing swelling and take down the redness. Using a soft cloth and putting it in cold milk then applying to the burned area can help as well as applying cold green tea compresses.  Plain yogurt is also a wonderful healer.
  • Be sure to wear loose fitting clothing for the few days that follow a burn. Never pick off the peeling skin because that can cause further damage to the skin resulting in pinkness or hyperpigmentation.
  • Over the counter products of hydrocortisone can help relieve itching.

The sun does have many physical and mental benefits for us as well as much needed Vitamin D. Just be sure to limit your time in the sun, wear sunblock and take precautions even on cloudy days and know how to care for sunburn using these 5 steps. By taking care you will prevent sunburns and hyperpigmentation, which is a result of too much sun exposure.

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