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Joyce Marie of Beverly Hills Dermalogica AwardDermalogica Circle’s Award of Excellence

You unleashed your greatest potential: now it’s time to be rewarded! Congratulations on your entry into Dermalogica Circle, an exclusive group of accounts designed as the best of the best! We know it take more than just great leadership to reach this level with us – it takes a business with a passion for success, and a commitment to the mission of delivering skin health.

Dermalogica isn’t just a company. We are a tribe with a culture and belief that are authentic and credible and we strive to make skin therapists successful and independent all over the world. You are now part of the very best of our tribe and we welcome you.

We are proud to present you with our Award of Excellence and encourage you to display your award prominently and proudly – this is not only serves as a reflection of your achievement, but it allows you to share your accomplishement with clients who appreciate your high standards of business.

Take pride in being part of the Dermalogica Circle as you continue to aim high, reach new goals, and maximize your potential for success. More great opportunities and reward are on the horizon.

With your greatest compliments,

Raymond and Jane Wuwand

30 Years Skin Care Experience In Beverly HillsProviding Great Skin Care & Helping Local Charities For Over 30 years.


Hills, August 15, 2008 — Joyce Marie of Beverly Hills will celebrate its 30 year anniversary by offering free face mapping, skin analysis and care recommendations throughout July and August. Whether you’re currently concerned with the effects of sun damage, aging, acne, pollution, cosmetics, hormonal changes – or simply want to augment your current skin care, Joyce Marie will answer all your questions.

Joyce Marie began her career in 1978 and has never looked back. She is a licensed Aesthetician and has been working with the residents of Beverly Hills regarding all their skin care needs. She has an extensive resume related to skin care education and has been profiled in Modern Salon & Renew Magazines, The Beverly Hills Courier, The Wall Street Journal and the QVC network.

In an age where the competition is all about profits, margins and retail sales, Joyce Marie has maintained her philosophy of “customer satisfaction above anything else”. Healthy skin leads to healthy minds and bodies.

Joyce Marie is proud of her long-standing business relationship with the City of Beverly Hills. As a tribute to the 30 years, not only is Joyce Marie offering the free face mapping, skin analysis and recommendations; but she is also donating 10% of all new client services/merchandising to The Junior Blind of America.
For many years, Joyce Marie donated to various blind charities. It was hard to comprehend the challenges that these brave children and adults must face without the help of vision. Unbeknownst to her, she would later deal with the affliction personally. At age 76, Joyce Marie’s father lost his sight as a result of Diabetes. She talks about the pain of watching her father re-learn how to eat, walk and do the simple things that we often take for granted. It was then that she knew she would always give to these deserving charities. Celebrating the giving during her 30th anniversary seemed to make perfect sense.

Join us as we help celebrate 30 years of skin care while providing much needed funds to the Junior Blind Foundation. For more information about skin care or the Junior Blind of America, call Joyce Marie at 310-275-6694 or visit

Joyce Marie Skin Deep Magazine ArticleMask Magic: Wet Collagen Masks Offer Impressive Results

There are quite a variety of masks you can use in your business, each with a variety of benefits. Clay and hydrating masks have been the most commonly used and prescribed masks for years. Cream or gel masks may be applied to treat dehydration. Clay masks can be used on skin broken out from stress or hormonal issues. Serums are often used underneath traditional masks to address secondary problems. To read more, click on the button below.

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Joyce Marie International Dermal Institute Joyce Marie of Beverly Hills Is Recognized at International Dermal Institute.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 17, 2009 LOS ANGELES, California, October 12, 2009 – – Joyce Marie Partise, of JOYCE MARIE OF BEVERLY HILLS, LOS ANGELES was recognized by Dermalogica founder Jane Wurwand for completing 300 hours of post graduate work in Skin and Body Therapy. The event was held at the International Dermal Institute in Carson, California. Founder, Jane Wurwand spoke about the International Dermal Institutes first Congress back in December 1983 and her first encounter with Joyce Marie.

“I met a fantastic skin care therapist that became a terrific ambassador for the International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica. She not only became a great friend, but a great student. Wurwand went on to highlight the notable skill level of Joyce Marie when she stated “I wasn’t sure I could teach her anything, she was already very successful.”

The Dermalogica skin care system was researched and developed by the International Dermal Institute, considered to be the foremost training center for postgraduate professional skin care and body therapy. Dermalogica is available only in appointed skin care centers by recommendation of a qualified skin care therapist. To view the presentation of the award, play the video below.

Joyce Marie Beverly Hills FIT AwardJoyce Marie of Beverly Hills Featured Guest Speaker at Famed Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 19, 2009 Recognizing the role that proper skin therapy plays in Fashion and Merchandising, the world renowned Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising featured Joyce Marie as a guest speaker on November 16, 2009. The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising or FIDM is a co-educational, specialized private college located in California dedicated to educating students for the Fashion, Entertainment, Interior Design, and Graphic Design industries. In a letter from Sharlene Haabermeyer, MA and instructor for FIDM, to Jane Wurwand, Founder of the International Dermal Institute, she describes the experience as:

I know that she exclusively uses the Dermalogica products in her spa and has been involved directly in a number of capacities with the Dermalogica Company so I feel it appropriate to let you know that she represented the company in a highly professional manner and was amazing in every way! Her knowledge and understanding of the chemistry of skin and how the Dermalogica products work to enhance skin physiology was exemplary.”  She went on to state “I’ve had other guest speakers in the past but she is clearly one of the best who went the extra mile in her presentation, information and style. She had a beautiful display, wonderful Dermalogica samples for the students and had even put together a colorful and informative PowerPoint—she was absolutely incredible!”

Joyce Marie’s recognized skills and expertise not only brought added value to the learning experience of the students, but it resulted in Joyce Marie being asked to return for future sessions at the Institute.

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