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“As a Plastic Surgeon I regularly need an excellent esthetician who understands the delicate requirements of pre and post operative patients. For my practice that special esthetician is Joyce Marie. Joyce Marie is a caring, gentle esthetician who understands skin and the aging process. She is always up-to-date on the latest treatment options. She has treated many of my patients over the years with a special care and professionalism that makes her a remarkable skin care resource that I can always depend upon.”
Joel A. Aronowitz, MD, Clinical Professor Plastic Surgery


“I have been going to Joyce Marie for the last 20 years starting with just facials and with her expertise and knowing what I need for my skin, now for microderm abrasion. She has educated me on my skin and what to do to keep it looking healthy and youthful. I am 53 years old and I am always complimented on my complexion. I appreciate that Joyce is not in a big fancy salon and really takes the time to tell me if I look a little dehydrated and what I can do in between visits to keep my skin looking the way it does. I never feel that she sells me product that I don’t need. I use Dermalogica because over the years, Joyce has made me a believer in this line. It is the only product I use on my skin and Joyce has taught me that this skin care regimen is easy, affordable, and non abrasive. I know that she has my best interest at heart and never oversells me on product or treatments. “
Jami Lynn, Jami Lyn Clothes Beverly Hills


“Thank you Joyce Marie for taking care of my face for 27 years. Wow, I still can’t believe that it has been this long. You are the best ever!”
Georgia Ford, Los Angeles, CA


“Love you Joyce! You’re the best!”
Robin Mizrahi, Los Angeles, CA


“Joyce Marie is an amazing esthetician! I got the Mircodermabrasion Facial and loved it! My skin feels so much more clean and clear! She did a great job!”
Danielle Iny Croy, Los Angeles, CA


“Wonderful facial today…thanks for all the pampering!”
Sherry Catlett, Los Angeles, CA


“After being away from a Joyce Marie facial for far too long, my skin was long overdue for her magic. Joyce did her thing with the extractions and worked up some fabulous concoction that made my skin feel and look healthy. Mille grazie, bella. See you soon.”
Gay France, Los Angeles, CA


“Thank you for another great facial!! The oxygen facial is perfect for these dry winter months “
Julia Howe, Los Angeles, CA


“As a client of Joyce Marie for eight years, I believe she is one of the best estheticians in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. Her service is exemplary, and I trust her expertise in skin care over anyone else.”
Julie Romain, Los Angeles, CA


“Over the years, I have been to several skin therapists. The results were always the same. Either my skin would breakout or they were more interested in collecting a quick $ than helping me with my skin concerns. As a result of my past experiences, I was somewhat hesitant to work with another skin therapist. I am so happy that I started working with Joyce Marie. From the very first meeting, her primary concern has been my skin and me. She took her time to get to know me, my cleansing habits, and my skin reactions. I am so pleased with the results. The best part is, I have had NO breakouts, and my treatments are ALWAYS handled professionally. She is so good, I travel more than 30 miles just to see her! Whether you are happy with your skin therapist or not, you should give Joyce Marie a call – you will be glad you did.”
L. Arredondo, San Gabriel, CA


“Joyce Marie is one of the greatest in skincare. She has been involved in the business for years, and her knowledge of skin and skincare products exceeds that of most others. She is professional yet personable, and she knows how to make her clients feel as comfortable as possible. Her diagnoses of skin issues are always accurate, and she has the knowledge and resources to repair and heal the skin back to good health. I highly recommend Joyce Marie for skin care services.”
Nicole P., Beverly Hills, CA


“Joyce Marie is a knowledgeable esthetician and provides excellent services with great results.”
Anita Kronowitz, Beverly Hills, CA


“Joyce Marie has worked wonders on my complexion!”
Johnathan H., Los Angeles, CA


“I’ve been seeing Joyce Marie now for over seven years and wouldn’t trust anyone else to take care of, what has been referred to as “flawless skin.”
All kidding aside, any compliment I receive about my skin, I owe to Joyce Marie’s excellent techniques and products.”
Steven M., Beverly Hills, CA


“I went to Joyce Marie while on vacation in Los Angeles. She welcomed me graciously when I walked in with very poor skin. I believe that she puts her heart in her hands while working and sincerely felt that she loves what she does. I walked out refreshed, stimulated and exhilarated! I plan to purchase the items she suggested are best for my skin. All of my friends in New York City are amazed at how my skin looks and I praise Joyce Marie for that. I can’t wait to go back to Los Angeles and have her be her professional self with me again! It is a fine spa and I have told all of my friends out here about my experience there.”
Ramona O., Manhattan, NY


“Joyce Marie of Beverly Hills has turned my tired, weathered, 52 year old skin into youthful, glowing, smooth, more firm, and beautiful looking skin! Joyce Marie takes the time to learn about your particular skin care needs and helps you reach your skin care goals. The microderm, oxygen, light therapy facial treatments and Dermalogica products all have proved beneficial in keeping my skin radiant and fresh. You will love Joyce Marie, she is a professional and a very lovely lady. It has been a pleasure to get to know her and have her care for my skin. Five stars only begins to tell her story, she is an angel sent from heaven!”
Jerri Sue G., Beverly Hills, CA


“I have been a client of Joyce Marie for more than 20 years! As soon as I walk into her spa I feel relaxed because I know I am in good hands. Joyce stays updated with state- of-the-art treatments and products, but yet she is conservative in her approach which makes me feel comfortable. This is something I will never give up regardless of the economy, I feel like it’s a vacation for my skin and as a women, it’s my prerogative to treat myself!”
Lisa G., Austin, TX


“I visited Joyce Marie’s salon not knowing what to expect. Her warm, personal behavior and vast knowledge in her field make her a consummate expert. After she was finished with the treatment I was extremely pleased with the outcome and her professionalism. Needless to say, I will be going back for her services and she has found a loyal client.”
Gunter P., Los Angeles, CA


“Joyce Marie is a wonderful esthetician! I got a great microderm last week and my skin looks great! She knows her stuff and does great work. She is not pushy like a lot of Beverly Hills spas. You can trust her to do just what you need.”
Jonathon A., Los Angeles, CA


“I just wanted to let you know how happy I am about my eyebrows. I LOVE them!!! I feel so much more confident. Thank you.”
Robin D., West Hollywood, CA


“I went to Joyce Marie because I was diagnosed with Rosacea. She was extremely knowledgeable about how to treat my sensitive skin and no one can tell I have Rosacea anymore! She spent a lot of time learning about my skin patterns, habits and trying to figure out what would be best for me. She really cares about her clients and how the whole experience at her spa is for them. I feel like I am in amazing hands with a true professional when I am with her. I am currently eight months pregnant as well and as my skin has changed, she has adapted my routine like a pro. I recommend her for anyone looking for a professional, experienced and likable esthetician!”
Kristin A., Los Angeles, CA


“I had the best facial with you on Monday, I could really see the difference.”
Carol, Los Angeles, CA


“I loved my treatment and found it soothing and relaxing and thought my skin looked much better…I would like to repeat the procedure and enjoyed her loving care as well…”
Fai Harris, Los Angeles, CA