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Q: Why should I schedule an appointment for a free Face Mapping?

A: A face mapping will allow Joyce Marie to analyze your skin and create the best home care routine possible. You also take home a copy of the face mapping to teach and inspire you to have a better home care routine.

Q: Which products are right for my skin condition?

A: Demalogica has many choices depending upon your skin condition. Receiving a free face mapping or scheduling an appointment for a facial are the best ways to determine which products are best for your skin condition.

Q: What actually happens during a facial treatment?

A: A thorough analysis is performed and a treatment plan is created by Joyce Marie when you first arrive for your facial. The basic facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extraction, massage, masque, and an appropriate sunblock application. Other treatments can be added for a more extensive treatment.

Q: Can’t I just use soap and water?

A: Soap and water destroys the acid mantle of the skin making it more available for infection, dryness and a lack of luster. Having the correct home care skin regimen is essential to having clear glowing skin.

Q: At what age should I start using skin care products and treatments?

A: Preteens should start doing a basic home care routine. Additional products and treatments can be added as puberty sets in since many hormonal changes have an effect on the skin.

Q: What’s the difference between professional skin care at a skin care salon or store bought ones?

A: It is always better to have an esthetician who has analyzed your skin suggest the correct home care products for you. Walking into a store and reading labels can be misleading and confusing. A professional can advice you what specifically will target your concern and will correct the problem to achieve the results you are expecting.