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Healthy Skin in Your 20s and 30s

My philosophy is the sooner you start on a skin care regimen the better! Skin produces a strong amount of sebum during these years, so addressing the breakouts is always a priority. With hormone changes, hot yoga, and oil based hair products, I see many of my clients dealing with acne they never had. Having a designated routine and sticking to it will make a huge difference in the overall look of your skin. Using a ph-balanced gel, clay or anti-bacterial cleanser twice a day will remove excess oil, makeup and impurities from the surface. Dermalogica’s Special Cleansing Gel, Dermal Clay Cleanser and Clearing Skin Wash are favorites of mine. I also recommend using the Clarisonic Brush once a day to gently vibrate and lift dead skin cells. Using an exfoliant two to three times a week will be sure to remove excess oil and debris, and create a smoother finish. Dermalogica’s Skin Prep Scrub and Microfoliant do this without irritation. There are several serums and boosters that can be applied underneath a moisturizer depending on the skin’s texture. Some have Salicylic Acid others have Hyaluronic Acid, one for excess oiliness the other for dehydration. Moisturizers should always be applied whether you have oily or dry skin. Dermalogica’s Oil Control Lotion, Active Moist and Skin Smoothing Cream all have different levels of moisture to address the current skin condition. It is very important to use an eye cream since this is where you will see the first sign of fine lines developing. Be careful not to put it too close to the edge of the eyelid, since this will cause irritation and puffiness. Next, I always tell my clients that UVA and UVB protection is [...]

Yoga for Radiant Skin

Yoga Improves Skin Health Practicing yoga does wonders for the mind and the body. As skin guru Dr. Nicholas Perricone wrote in The Clear Skin Prescription, “It is the perfect exercise for people who lead busy, stress-filled lives who want to look and feel their best.” Yoga in general improves skin health by reducing stress and removing toxins from the body. It is also one of the most effective things we can do to help our skin to stay beautiful and glowing. Making yoga for radiant skin a regular part of your lifestyle is possible by incorporating it into your everyday routine. One simple way is to start out simple, taking a break from the day or before you go to bed at night. Lie on your back palms facing the sky, close your eyes and breathe through the nose. Let your entire body rest to fully reduce all the stress and tension in the body 2-5 min. There are numerous yoga poses that work to reduce stress and create a glowing skin. Adding a yoga Class once or twice a week or setting up a private yoga session can help you meet these goals. In addition there are several other habits you can implement into your life so that you can enjoy yoga for radiant skin: Drink more water. Have 8 ounces first thing in the morning and Keep a large glass next to your bed. Hydration helps give your skin a healthy lustrous glow. Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep most nights. Everyone is different so find the amount of sleep you need to feel sufficiently rested. Although this might seem challenging, due to the busyness of life, overtime getting enough [...]

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What Is Exfoliation? Should It Be Part Of My Skin Program?

I’ve decided to post a 3 part series of blogs on Exfoliation. Today I will explain in simple language what is Exfoliation and how important Exfoliation really is for the skin, as well as provide a brief history on Exfoliation and talk about the recent boom in the industry and technological advances. What Is Exfoliation? Exfoliation is the removal of the oldest dead skin cells that cling to the skin’s outermost surface. When done correctly, exfoliation leaves the skin feeling smoother and fresher looking. Exfoliation also makes penetration easier for facial products like serums. There are two forms of exfoliation: Mechanical Exfoliation - Mechanical Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells by physically rubbing them off with an abrasive. Examples include salt glow, a body scrub that might use sugar or coffee grounds; or possibly skin brushing. Chemical Exfoliation - Chemical Exfoliation loosen the glue-like substance that holds the cells together, allowing them to slough away. Facial peels area form of chemical exfoliation. They can either be very gentle or very aggressive. Why Is Exfoliation So Important? The skin is constantly generating new skin cells at the lower layer (the dermis) and sending them to the surface (the epidermas). As the cells rise to the surface they gradually die and become filled with keratin. These keratinized skin cells are essential because they give our skin its protective quality. But they are constantly sloughing off to make way for younger cells. As we age the process of cell turnover slows down. Cells start to pile up unevenly on the skin’s surface, giving it a dry, rough, dull appearance Exfoliation is beneficial because it removes those cells that are clinging on revealing the fresher, younger skin [...]

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