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How Salt Affects Your Looks

Often times clients come to me complaining of breakouts and their skin looking puffy and swollen. The first thing I speak with them about is their lifestyle and food that they eat. Salt is a known ingredient that aggravates these conditions and I ask my clients to give up highly salted food for a week to see if there is an improvement in their skin. Salt can often times be hidden in such things as soy sauce or even canned vegetables or microwavable popcorn. So even if you don’t add salt at the table it is most likely in most of the foods you eat unless they are not processed. There are alternatives that can be used such as low salt soy sauce and herbs that are powders and salt free. Once you switch over and start to decrease these additives you really notice how salty many foods naturally are. Although it may not make much sense when you seem to be bloated and retaining water, but that is the time to drink more of it. Drinking water flushes out the system of toxins and salts. The body will feel hydrated and not want to retain the water for fear of being dehydrated. Many people take diuretics prescribed by their doctors. This does help in keeping the swelling down, especially when you have puffy eyes in the morning. There are over the counter diuretics you can take, but remember the water loss is only temporary. If you start consuming foods or beverages like that tasty Margarita with salt on the rim you’ll see the swelling and the pounds come back. Consuming Less Salt = Nicer Reflection The other positive result of consuming less salt is [...]

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Tips To Keep Your Skin Looking Great During Holidays

Great Skin Care Secrets For The Holiday Season The Holidays are a time when we all seem to socialize more. There are numerous parties and events that are planned. Many of these events are filled with food and beverages that we don’t consume on a regular basis. Enjoying these parties is part of what makes the Holidays more festive. I am a believer in indulging, but only enough to taste the foods so you don’t miss out. I’ve listed some things you can do to help you get through the Party Season without feeling like you have to check into a Spa on January 1st. Try going to the event slightly full. Eat some of your healthy regular foods at home before arriving at the party. This way you won’t overindulge because you are starving. Salty foods can make the eyes look puffy. Stay away from the chips and salty hors d'oeuvres. These foods really don’t fill you up, and the next morning you’ll see how swollen your eyelids look. When drinking alcohol, try to have one glass of water to one glass of alcohol. It is important to flush out the alcohol from your system. Many people are allergic to the tannins in wine, and also find they get puffy the more they drink. Try eating foods with less dairy. Dairy products are known to create breakouts in certain people. Also people who are lactose intolerant find their stomach swells with a reaction. Stick to high protein foods and try to eat smaller amounts of carbohydrates. The carbohydrates tend to retain water and actually will make the scale register a little higher the next morning. Be sure to remove all your makeup and cleanse [...]

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