Winter Skin Care Tips

The Best Winter Skin Care Tips & Advice

In my practice I have many clients asking me if they should change their skin care routine or daily habits as the weather changes to the colder months. I do see a difference in my client’s skin since warm weather tends to make us sweat and secrete more oils. Colder weather leaves us feeling drier and lacking in moisture. Typically in the winter months we are living with heaters, which causes a lot more dehydration and overall discomfort. This not only includes the face but the body too. Making sure you use a heavier body cream just out of the shower while you are still damp, will prevent your skin from feeling itchy and looking dry. Another suggestion is to run a humidifier in the bedroom while sleeping which will combat that dry winter air.

This particular article published by The International Dermal Institute addresses many of the concerns and questions that people have at this time of the year. I would like to add a few names of my favorite Dermalogica products that I recommend to use during these cold wintery months.

When speaking of ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, one of my favorite products by Dermalogica is the Hydrating Booster. This booster can be added to any moisturizer, or applied directly to the skin as a base before applying any cream. It adds moisture without feeling oily. Using an exfoliant such as Dermalogica’s Gentle Cream Exfoliant (a type of cream mask that you remove) or the Daily Resurfacers (a cotton wipe on exfoliant that you leave on ) will remove dead skin cells and allow the newer skin cells to absorb your serums and creams more effectively. Silicone based moisturizers such as Dermalogica’s Barrier Repair is a great choice in the winter months. It creates a barrier between your skin and the environment protecting it from harsh environmental changes.

For skin that tends to be dry Precleanse, which has ingredients such as olive oil and lavender, is a great first step to remove makeup, sunblock and impurities. It leaves the skin feeling soft and won’t strip the skin of its natural oils. Follow with a milky cleanser, Essential Cleansing Solution, and then add a serum rich with vitamins A,C & E Dermalogica’s Multivitamin Power Serum will create more moisture in oil dry skin. Using Argan Oil and Rose Oil, ingredients in the Overnight Repair Serum, also relieves skin of feeling dry and itchy. My suggestion is to use a Masque once or twice a week.

Dermalogica’s Hydrating Masque is a great way to keep your skin healthy between facial visits.

Skin Care Salon Schedule

Remember to visit your skin care salon every four to six weeks for a facial. It takes approximately that long for the skin’s cells to turnover. Having a professional treatment will ensure those older cells are completely removed, and the newer cells which create a healthy glow will be on the surface.

Taking a little extra time following the above winter skin care tips will ensure a smoother, softer and long lasting glow that will take you into Spring.

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