The Healing Effects of Reflexology

//The Healing Effects of Reflexology

The Science and Healing Effects of Reflexology On Your Feet

The following article was written by David Allan D.C. He is a practitioner and teacher of reflexology, also a well sought after Chiropractor in Los Angeles. I am a believer in the work and healing effects of reflexology. As a student of Dr. Allen’s, I incorporate some of his techniques in my foot massage treatment in my Spa. Although there has not been a lot of money in the research of the healing effects of reflexology, there are tremendous amounts of people who find that getting treatments regularly have helped them with their ailments.

When receiving reflexology there might be certain parts of the feet that are more sensitive than others. For example the area that pertains to the stomach is generally in the middle of the foot toward the inside. So if someone is having stomach issues, and the correct amount of pressure is applied to that area of the foot, they may feel some discomfort. This is not to say that just because you are sore in one part of your foot that you have a problem with that part of your body. Usually, I find that when I first notice the problem in my body ( for example sore shoulders) then I will see the correlation to the area of my feet.

Using the correct reflexology technique opens up the energy paths from the feet to the affected area, allowing more blood flow and stimulation to the area of pain. I believe that getting reflexology regularly is a great thing to do as part of a wellness plan in one’s life. It is a great form of relaxation and results in the feet feeling stimulated and refreshed. Reflexology is a very interesting science and something worth trying.

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