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LightStim Available in Beverly Hills

LightStim Introduction What is lightwave therapy and how does it work? LED light wave therapy stands for Light Emitting Diode. Light energy is released in the body to be used as fuel for our cells. As the cells are stimulated they then have the ability to help build collagen, elastin and other proteins. The light is completely UV free and helps to optimize and revitalize the health of the skin. It is gentle and completely natural. In the late 90’s, NASA, conducted tests and found an increase in plant growth under a certain wavelength of light. They also found that LED light helped with wound healing and cell turnover so the skin would heal quicker. The most popular LED lights are amber, red, blue and infrared. The amber light builds collagen and elastin. The red light helps to reduce inflammation, commonly seen with acne and rosacea. The blue light destroys the p.acne bacteria by stimulating the production of oxygen radicals. The infrared light helps the skin to recovery quickly. LED light therapy is painless and will not cause any external damage. There is no down time associated with the treatment. It can also be done on a regular basis without the worry of overexposure. LightStim at Joyce Marie of Beverly Hills In my practice I use a Light panel comprised of five lights; red, amber, infrared, deep red and blue.  The client lies under the panel for 20 minutes with a light activated serum and mask. This treatment can address many issues such as hyperpigmentation, dryness, lack of elasticity and acne. I also have available a home version of the red and blue combo light which allows you to keep up treatments at home [...]

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