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Achieve a Radiant Look with a Teen Facial!

It is essential to start a skin care regimen early to teach good hygiene practices, which helps keep the skin clear of acne breakouts. Unfortunately, many parents think that the reason their child is “breaking out” has to do with a lack of care. While this can be a significant factor, hormonal changes and the use of makeup are often factors as well and can bring unique skin challenges. Therefore, when providing teens with a facial treatment, I ensure they have the essential information and tools to maintain radiant skin over time. In addition, every session includes actionable tips for achieving a healthy-looking complexion at home.

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Teen Clean Facial

Teen Facial Process

Teen facial treatments start with a cleansing and exfoliation process that usually involves a physical or chemical scrub using mild alpha hydroxy acids. Steam and a product are then applied to help soften the sebum before extraction. Next, I work in sections of the face, focusing on the most apparent breakouts and the smaller closed pores. Typically, one treatment can help get the skin clearer and start the process of drying up acne lesions. I follow with the High-Frequency Wand. This type of treatment, Argon Gas, has been used on acne for many years and helps kill bacteria and reduce inflammation. I follow up with an acne-healing serum, apply a clay mask, and finish with an Oil Free SPF lotion.

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How to Get Started

When scheduling an appointment, I suggest not doing any type of sports following the treatment. I also suggest planning a facial a week before an event. This allows plenty of time for any skin breakouts to heal and the skin to appear healthy. Some teens’ skins are more sensitive than others, so it is better to have a facial and follow up with the suggested homecare treatment one week before an event. Your teen will be happy you treated them to a facial! Starting young ensures beautiful skin in the future!

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$140.00 | 60 mins.

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