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Joyce Marie of Beverly Hills

The 4-Step Wedding Facial Series for Glowing Skin

Every bride deserves to look her most radiant on the day of her wedding – and with that in mind, we’re here to ensure your skin looks flawless for all those special memories! We understand how much care goes into creating a memorable celebration, so let us help you glow as brightly as possible when walking down the aisle.

Joyce Marie of Beverly Hills has designed a unique Bridal Facial Series to ensure brides-to-be have glowing skin for their big day. Three treatments spaced out one month apart, followed by a fourth performed the week before the wedding, are sure to give radiant, clear, and soft skin on her happy occasion!

These 4 exquisite bridal facial skincare treatments will have you radiating beauty and confidence as walk down the aisle.

The first treatment is the Microdermabrasion/Oxygen Facial which exfoliates the top layer of skin, allowing the skin to absorb vitamins and minerals deeper. This treatment includes steam, extraction, and a light acupressure massage. Extractions are essential in the first treatment to cleanse the pores and release congestion. To conclude the treatment, oxygen is applied with serums to hydrate and kill bacteria. I finish the treatment with a moisturizer with sunblock to protect the skin from UV rays. There is no downtime with this treatment. The skin may feel like you’ve been in the sun. Overall, the result is a smooth and brightened complexion.

The second and third facials will consist of either a light peel or one of my specialty masks. Both treatments are considered one of my upgrade facials. When doing the facial with a mild peel, this will loosen the sebum allowing me to extract any impurities. Again, there is no downtime after this treatment. Some clients will need more exfoliation and extraction while others will find their skin needs additional moisture. The specialty masks are specifically meant to hydrate and replenish the skin. The goal in each of these treatments is to work toward cleansing the pores and creating a brighter skin with a natural glow.

The fourth treatment is usually the week of the wedding. In that treatment, extraction is only done if it is necessary. This treatment consists of cleansing, light exfoliation, and a specialty serum and mask. The serum and mask work in conjunction with LED Light Therapy. This Light Therapy consists of blue, red, and amber bulbs. The light kills acne bacteria, reduces inflammation, and stimulates Collagen. This last facial is essential in achieving clear and bright skin. If any inflammation or breakouts occur, the LED Light does a great job clearing and calming the skin. It is the perfect treatment to do the week of the wedding. Your makeup artist will be impressed!

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$550 for Series of 4

Daily Routine & Finishing Touches

To ensure you walk down the aisle with radiant skin on your wedding day, having a consistent daily routine is essential in maintaining the results of each facial treatment over these three months. So on your first visit, we will plan a schedule of treatments, and I'll guide what steps to take at home to create healthy and beautiful skin that will make everyone swoon on your big day!

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