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Joyce Marie of Beverly Hills

Ultimate Skin-Clearing Facial

The Deep Cleansing Facial benefits all skin types. This particular facial addresses many different concerns from acne, skin dehydration, large pores, dull skin appearance as well as aging. No matter what home care products are applied to the skin, they are more effective when being applied to a smooth, clear skin void of impurities. That is what makes this particular facial a favorite among many at Joyce Marie of Beverly Hills.

$160.00 | 75 mins.

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joyce marie beverly hills esthetician
Esthetician Joyce Marie

Why Use an Esthetician

Receiving a facial from a licensed Esthetician definitely enhances everyone’s home skin care routine. Having a professional, treat and diagnosis a skin care plan can make all the difference when dealing with all skin issues. A licensed Esthetician will be able to diagnose the skin properly through the use of a magnifying lamp. This lamp visually enlarges the skin, and shows all imperfections. Having been an Esthetician for over 40 years also enables my experience to evaluate your skin and determine the best treatment for you.  

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5-Star Reviews

Discover what everyone is saying about Joyce Marie of Beverly Hills’ luxurious, five-star skincare services by scoping out the rave reviews on Google. 

deep cleansing facial beverly hills

Facial Treatment Steps

The Deep Cleansing Facial treatment starts with analyzing the products used during the facial. It’s an essential first step in making a proper diagnosis of what may be causing any skin irregularities or concerns.

Next, a deep cleansing facial wash is applied to rid the skin of surface makeup, sunblock, and debris, followed by a specific exfoliant to rid the skin of dead skin cells, making the extraction process more manageable and giving the skin a smooth result. Then, steam and a unique solution will penetrate deep into the pores, gently removing impurities for cleaner and softer results.

Depending on the oil and hydration of the skin, we apply a deep cleansing facial mask to tighten pores, pull out any impurities, and rehydrate the skin.

The finishing touch is choosing a corrective serum, then a proper SPF day cream or nourishing night cream to end the treatment. The results are clean, clear, glowing skin that is radiant!

A facial and shoulder massage are also included in the deep cleansing facial. We use essential oils during the massage aiding in relaxation and hydration. There is also a benefit to releasing toxins and increasing blood flow during the massage. The favorite part of the facial!

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