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Dermaplaning -- the Cutting-Edge Technique that Targets Dead Skin and Peach Fuzz!

Experience the ultimate in skin-smoothing benefits with Dermaplaning — a technique that uses a specially designed stainless-steel blade to remove dead skin and peach fuzz, leaving your skin smooth, soft, and glowing. This technique is ideal for all skin types except those with active acne and can help improve skin texture and pigmentation, giving you a more youthful appearance. Fine lines can appear softer and the skin’s surface more even, while scars from past acne breakouts can be minimized. Try Dermaplaning and experience the ultimate in skin rejuvenation for yourself!

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$185.00 | 60 mins.

dermaplaning treatment beverly hills

Dermaplaning Facial Procedure

dermaplaning facial treatment

Preparing for Dermaplaning Facial

For a successful Dermaplaning facial, it's crucial to follow pre-treatment guidelines. This includes staying away from Accutane for at least six months and consulting your physician. In addition, please refrain from IPL/Laser procedures for at least two weeks and avoid waxing, depilatory creams, retinoids, hydroxy acids, topical antibiotics, or electrolysis for five days before the treatment. 24 hours before, avoid substances that could over-stimulate your skin, such as alcohol, caffeine, excessive sun exposure, and blood thinners. Finally, we advise you to refrain from trying new skincare products and recommend not wearing makeup on the day of your appointment.

dermaplaning facial aftercare

Effective Dermaplaning Aftercare

Discover how to maximize the benefits of your Dermaplaning Facial treatment with these easy-to-follow post-treatment guidelines. Use a gentle cleanser, serum, moisturizer, and sunblock daily to refresh your skin. For optimal results, steer clear of waxing services for at least seven days and protect your skin from sun damage using SPF 30 and above daily. Also, avoid excessive heat, heavy workouts, swimming, and saunas for 24-48 hours after the Dermaplaning Facial. Contact us today to learn more about Dermaplaning Facials and have all your questions answered. We want to ensure you have the ultimate skincare experience and are happy with the results.

dermaplaning safety

Beware of DIY Dermaplaning Tools for Home Use

Dermaplaning blades sold online for at-home procedures may seem tempting, but beware, they can cause severe damage to your skin! We strongly advise against this risk and recommend leaving this delicate procedure to the professionals. Your safety is our top priority at Joyce Marie of Beverly Hills. We have undergone specific training in Dermaplaning to ensure you achieve a smooth and brightened skin appearance. Trust us to prioritize your well-being while delivering exceptional results.

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Get the skin you’ve always wanted with dermaplaning. This non-invasive procedure removes dead skin cells and vellus hair, leaving your skin looking brighter, smoother, and more radiant.