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Retexturize Your Skin With Procell Microchanneling

The Procell Microchanneling System is a treatment that retextures the skin and improves its overall appearance. So many clients ask me how to make their skin look firmer and hydrated. Microchanneling is the answer; it provides a no-downtime way to generate and strengthen the skin’s valuable collagen and elastin for visibly healthier results over time. The purpose is to create a retexturing of the skin versus cleansing the pores. The exciting news is that you can see improvement immediately after one treatment.

procell microchanneling facial treatment

Procell Microchanneling Procedure

Procell microchanneling beverly hills ca

During the Procedure

The Procell Microchanneling process starts with a cleansing and mild stripping of the outer layer of the skin. The next step includes using a mild numbing agent for ten minutes under the LED Lightstim lamp. The Procell MicroChanneling device is then applied to the skin to create minor micro-injuries by hundreds of thousands of microchannels penetrating the surface. Unlike MicroNeedling, no blood is involved or days of healing after the treatment. While applying the device, I use a serum highly concentrated in human growth factor derived from stem cells to amplify the collagen response, healing and smoothing the skin, creating a breathtaking transformation to your appearance that can last a lifetime.

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After the Procedure

Following the Procell Microchanneling procedure and serum infusion, a 10-minute LED LightStim illumination session is applied to enhance the treatment. This part of the procedure increases collagen, reduces inflammation, and kills bacteria that cause acne. Now the skin is prepped for the Procell therapies post-treatment hydrating mask. This mask is cool and calming on the skin and contains hyaluronic acid, which is used in many skin care products to hydrate and retain moisture. Home care involves using a calming cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. It is best not to heat the skin for the next day with extensive exercise or sun tanning. The Procell MicroChanneling procedure can be done monthly or between monthly facials.

The Building of Collagen

The building of Collagen takes time, so doing this treatment every four weeks will guarantee a youth-building effect on the skin. You will notice the skin looking tighter and much more hydrated. I highly recommend this treatment for a person without downtime for more extensive therapies involving the dermal Layer. The skin looks refreshed, hydrated, and much smoother within a day. No matter your age or past damage, Procell Microchanneling will improve your skin’s overall look and feel.

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